Tokyo 【Venue Report】 Odaiba “STAR ISLAND 2018”, Why pay for fireworks are completely sold out!? Report on ultimate futuristic entertainment with photos.

 Fireworks festivals will be held in various parts of Japan in summer. It is often held in large areas such as riverbeds, lakes, and the seaside, and can be enjoyed by anyone for free.

However, the future-type fireworks entertainment “STAR ISLAND (Star Island)” in Odaiba in Tokyo is different. It is a fully paid fireworks event to purchase and participate in advance tickets that are never cheap, from 8,000 yen to 50,000 yen.

Tickets for 2018 were sold out before the event. The number is unknown, but last year’s example says that 15,000 people have visited.

 On May 26, 2018, “STAR ISLAND 2018” was held.

 I would like to report on the excitement of the fireworks and performers as well as the inside of the venue.

 The venue is Odaiba Seaside Park. Most of the L-shaped beaches are venues for STAR ISLAND, and the reception gate is the only entrance.

 Many ticket holders came along with the general opening at 16:00.

 Each purchased ticket has a fixed location for each block, and the blocks are provided with various features such as free seat, reserved seat, group seat, bed type seat and so on. The ticket with the higher price was closer to the place where the fireworks were launched, and it was a fun place from the front.

 The fireworks are launched at 19:20, but after the opening, 3D sound from DJ will be heard at the venue.

 A group of performers also welcomes visitors.

 Alcohol and soft drinks were sold everywhere. Despite the weather in May, the temperature was hot and beer was selling a lot.

 Such a photogenic spot is also.

 The Odaiba Gakuen (Koyou elementary and junior high school) side of the beach is a free seat block. Although there was a little distance from the fireworks launch site, it was exciting as people were crowded.

 At the kids’ corner, children could play until the show started, and many children enjoyed it.

 It is this breathable thread that is handed over to each and every visitor. When the show starts, it’s a device that lights up in conjunction with the music and fireworks of the show, and the free seat block with more people was more beautiful with the brightness of this bracelet.

 Seats near the sea bus stop were in high ticket and VIP areas. The premium pair seat is 30,000 yen in a place where fireworks and performance are very easy to see. The back table dinner sheet was priced at 50,000 yen.

 19:20. The show finally begins!

 Light, flames, music and fireworks float up to the night view of the Gulf! The harmony with the Rainbow Bridge was great.

 It is MARUTAMAYAKOKACHIENKATEN, a long-established store that has been producing and selling fireworks since 1864, who was in charge of fireworks production. It is also launched at TOKYO WANDAIHANABISAI and SUMIDAGAWA fireworks display.

 This “STAR ISLAND 2018” has shown us the overwhelming scale of force than any fireworks display held in Tokyo.

 Taking advantage of the size of the sea area, the firework lined up sideways. If you think that fireworks have been launched extensively, the next ball will rise again and the flower will spread. Consecutive fireworks excite the audience.

It is STAR ISLAND that is not only fireworks. The water performance that flyboards on the sea following last year was very popular again this year! It is futuristic that performers fly with glowing LEDs, and videos may be more optimal than photographs to convey their coolness.

Each performer is performing beautiful and intense dance on 11 stages in all.

And the 3D sound is comfortable from all around, from right to left and sometimes from high tension. The sound director was 3D sound designer katsuyuki seto.

At 20:40, when the show’s end time was reached, the last spurt along with the orchestral songs. Finally the gorgeous fireworks appropriate for a series of bursts of applause from the venue!

On the way back, the flyboard performer sent me off with a flag that says “SEE YOU AGAIN!”.

On the way back, everyone was back with bracelets.

I was able to feel why the fully paid fireworks event was so popular as to sell out tickets. I definitely want to see it next year! “STAR ISLAND” made me think. I hope it will be held in 2019, and I am glad that such events will continue to increase in the future.


【STAR ISLAND 2019】To be held in Toyosu in July!

“STAR ISLAND 2019” will be held on July 20, 2019! The venue of this year’s “STAR ISLAND”, which will be in its third year, is the Toyosu Guru Park. Tickets are on sale.


● Schedule: Saturday, July 20, 2019
● Venue: Tokyo / Toyosu-gururu Park (TOKYO STAR ISLAND)
● The nearest station: Shijo-mae St.
● Access: Directions from the current location
● Time: 16:00
● Closed place: 21:00 (scheduled) ※ Rainy weather going / stormy weather cancellation
● Entrance fee: Click here for ticket details
● Organizer: STAR ISLAND Executive Committee

【Late night (After 10 PM)】 List of shops where you can drink alcohol around Shijo-mae St.



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