Woody’s 30cm figure appeared in ICHIBANKUJI of “Toy Story 4”


“ICHIBANKUJI <Toy Story 4>” will be released sequentially from July 13 in Seven-Eleven and Ito-Yokado. There is a lot of character goods such as watches, rag mats, plates, glasses, etc., as well as big size figures ranging from about 30 cm of the main character Woody, in “ICHIBANKUJI” with no hassle. In addition to all 8 grades and 36 species, the last one award is available. “ICHIBANKUJI <Toy Story 4>” is once tax-included 680 yen.

“ICHIBANKUJI <Toy Story 4>”


Woody / Accessory tray figure (A prize) image


Design clock (Prize B) image


Rug mat (C prize) image


Mini canvas board (D award: All 5 types) image


Stock container set (E award: All 3 types) image


Design plate (F award: All 9 types) image


Glass (G award: all 7 types) image


Towel collection (H award: All 9 types) image


Woody / Accessory tray figure ~ old color ver. (Last one prize) image


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