“SHINJUKU METRO SYOKUDOUGAI” which feels retro atmosphere is a good place near the station! 10 popular gourmet stores.

There are too many gourmet shops in Shinjuku, so it’s easy to wonder at which shop to eat. Therefore I would like to recommend “SHINJUKU METRO SHOKUDOUGAI” at Shinjuku Station West Exit. It is a special place to enjoy various gourmets from Japanese to Western food. We will introduce a gourmet restaurant that we would like to recommend especially at “SHINJUKU METRO SHOKUDOUGAI” where you can enjoy a retro atmosphere. Please use it as a reference when you eat and drink tea in Shinjuku.

You can taste the well-established tempura at a reasonable price! “TempuraShinjukuTsunahachi WestExitStore”






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